PT Mahaka Teknokom Solusindo

Best Managed Security Service Provider in Indonesia

Teknokom is an Indonesian based Managed Security Service Provider

Supporting technology enabled organisations to execute on their digital strategy. Our Mission: Supporting customers to realise real economic value through the adoption and productive use of our solutions and services.

The business problems we aim to solve

Doing More With Less

As Cybercrime continues to evolve with more sophisticated ways to cause harm to governments, businesses, and individuals.

Many IT functions continue to be held back with labour intensive manual tasks. Consequently, they’ve become increasingly slow to react, inflexible, and costly to run.

There is a growing need to automate complex repetitive tasks – reducing the backlog of known vulnerabilities and freeing up limited technical resources to focus on more high value activities.

Security Without Boundaries

Cloud computing, mobility, the Internet of Things, and AI, have dramatically expanded the way in which business is
conducted today.

Legacy security methods have become less effective. The attack surface has grown and the perimeter has disappeared.

It’s no longer about protecting boundaries – it’s about protecting data.

The People Factor

While Tech start-ups are born with a Digital DNA, traditional businesses need to transform their business model in order to stay relevant.

Digital transformation is much more than the adoption of new technologies. Its about doing things differently.

Overcoming the people challenges, gaining access to digital talent and establishing a digital culture have become the new business imperative.

“Through 2020, 99% of exploited vulnerabilities will continue to be the ones known by security and IT professionals at the time of the incident”